First Impression Post Week 5

For this week’s first impression post, I chose to write on the violence in video games. I have a little brother, so I know first hand that video games have gotten extremely graphic and cruel. I don’t believe that these video games should be banned, but I do believe that they should be monitored with what is allowed to be put out to the public. Although they have age requirements and suggestions on some games, it does not completely guarantee that the children will not get ahold of the game some way or another. Children are susceptible to many things and are influenced by everything they come in contact to. The impression that such violence and cruelty is okay can leave them with a misunderstanding between what is right and what is wrong. When children play video games, they become immersed in them. When shot and killed, they often throw a fit out of anger and a lot of them will use vulgar language. This shows that the violence in these games can bring out a darker side by just getting killed in a game. They often take them way too seriously.

The amount of school shootings, and just mass shootings in general, have been increasing. A number of them have been due to children. The thought that someone could shoot another person absolutely blows my mind. I think that the video games make it more appealing and makes it easier for them to do. As mentioned, children are developing and are influenced by everything they come in contact with. If they are exposed to such violence all the time, then they are going to have the impression of violence left on them.

If children are going to be exposed to violence, I think that the parents should be fully aware of the graphics and the events that take place in these video games. Playing in moderation would also help the children to not be fully emerged in violent acts all the time. With this being said, I do not think a ban should be placed, but I do think the companies should be more careful to what they give out to the public.


One thought on “First Impression Post Week 5

  1. Hi Sidney! I completely agree with this blog post. Your statement “children are susceptible to many things and are influenced by everything they come in contact with,” is factual because children are primary candidates for observational learning, learning by observing and imitating others. All people, especially children, experience modeling, the process of observing and imitating a specific behavior. When we humans watch models, our family, neighborhoods, media, we are indirectly reinforced or punished. We learn best from models that are like us, are successful, and are admirable.

    I would like to touch on your point about mass shooters. In the textbook, “Exploring Psychology”, U.S. Senator Paul Simons wrote about the controversy between media violence and violent behaviors. He quoted the International Aggression’s Media Violence Commission, “violent media are not the primary cause of school shootings, but that exposure to media violence is one risk factor for increased aggression.” (277) Video games are a source of observational learning, specifically modeling, because gamers can imitate the violent characters in their games. For instance, a shooter could be imitating their admired video game character’s specific act of killing. Likewise, video games that permit the killing of innocent civilians could influence shooters to target them. In this context, observational learning has antisocial effects because violent video games can lead to violent behavior, also known as the violence-viewing effect. Although this correlation may appear convincing, correlation does not cause causation.

    Great post!


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